Pan On The Avenue V!

Pan on D Avenue V


Did You Know?

Steel pans are the only instruments made to play in the Pythagorian musical cycle of fourths and fifths.

Pan on D Avenue. an annual celebration of ‘s national instrument, fell this year on August 27th and was by many accounts the most successful incarnation yet. I stumbled across it quite accidentally, baffled by the blockades throughout Woodbrook as I tried to navigate to a fashion pop-up sale. In the car with me was my new friend Heaven, the other half of my latest project Kimchi x Kallaloo. We already had plans that evening to take in jazz guitarist Dean Williams, however I knew that a celebration like this was not one she could afford to miss!

Parking, as expected. Eventually we gave up and headed to Kaiso Blues Cafe as originally planned. Fortunately in checking my Instagram feed I saw that my friends Daniel and Nikkia, who were in town for only that weekend, were at the nearby Fanatic Kitchen Studio! A few texts back and forth and a short time later Heaven and I found ourselves trundled in the backseat with Katherine of Immortelle , two child car seats and a renewed sense of excitement for the night ahead.

This time around a parking spot quickly revealed itself and we all headed to the Avenue on foot. Even though the time we had to take in the festivities was brief I enjoyed myself immensely and relished seeing Heaven’s reaction to these beloved elements of my culture. Her shock and awe at the spectacle of our Traditional Carnival Characters such as moko jumbies and jab jabs in particular thrilled me to my bones!

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Dusting Off the Cobwebs!


On the set of “Cooking ” – April 2016 Necklace by 

Wow! I never expected to take such a long hiatus from this site. Unfortunately, shortly after my initial postings here my father fell ill and eventually passed away a year ago this month. In the time since, it has taken a lot of effort to maintain my interest/passion for blogging. Slowly I have challenged myself to return through other creative avenues such as photography and (believe it or not) learning Korean! You can follow my interest in the Korean language and culture (from a distinctly Caribbean perspective) on my new site! So much has changed in re: fashion, and design in just the last two years. I have been avidly following and documenting events on my personal Instagram and am excited to share those developments here from now on 🙂 . Do indulge me as I will probably jump back and forth time-wise to make sure all of my efforts are eventually archived here. I have no desire to try to be an all-encompassing or dispassionate voice, however to the extent that I can be part of a larger local and regional dialogue I hope that ,y contributions will be received warmly 🙂  Rather this site truly is my personal “isle of style”, a space where I can highlight and share those people, places and moments that have stood out to me along the way as I live my life here on the island of Trinidad.

Simonne & Jamie

March 8, 2014 saw the wedding of one of my oldest and dearest friends Simonne, to her Scottish fiancé Jamie. The affair was an elegant blend of Trinidadian and Scottish elements, and the backyard reception had all the elements of an enchanted forest.

Simonne  & Jamie

SImonne and Jamie

Simonne and Jamie



How stunning was this Hummingbird/Plaid motif? It played on the theme of cultural blending that began with the invitation.


Not enough people (I find) tie their invitations into the visual theme/tone of their weddings. It really is a subtle way to set the mood and tone of the event. Especially when your guests don’t make the connection until the wedding day!


Now that’s one way to make an entrance!


As the night drew near the tablescapes went from pristine to radiant, thanks to the abundance of glassware, water beads and strategic tealights which added sparkle without giving off heat.


Want to confuse a bunch of Trinis? Put on some Scottish tracks and try to give instructions!(This was so fun!)


A Creole dinner menu continued the interplay of cultural exchange and highlighted what a unique experience can be carved when you bring elements of both your and your partner’s heritage into the festivities.


Simonne and Jamie

 Images: Sarina, Jason Bodden
Ceremony: St. Anthony’s R.C. Church
Reception Venue: Bride’s parents’ home
Invitation Designer: Sophia Mohammed (sister of the bride)
Catering: Alberto’s
Florist: Lucille Gibson
Cake: Mena Wills
Wedding Dress: Mon Cheri (UK)
Bridal Accessories: Hinxworth Bridal (UK)
Table Design: Mother of the Bride, Rosa, Sophia Mohammed
Makeup: Bridgette Pouchette

APRIL GIVEAWAY! 3 Questions with Debbie of Peppa Deb’s Original Caribbean Hot Sauce

Peppa Deb's Original Caribbean Hot Sauce

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APRIL GIVEAWAY/PRODUCT REVIEW: Peppa Deb’s Original Caribbean Pepper Sauce

Peppa Deb's Original Caribbean Pepper Sauce

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I don’t often use commercial pepper sauces, as my father makes an excellent one. Indeed I am often told that his recipe “Bertie’s Mega-Hot Pepper Sauce” is a fave of many readers here :) Still, at times like this when he is due to make another batch, Peppa Deb’s has filled the gap admirably.

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